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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Typewriter ~ #typewriters, #pink, #tweens, #tweengirls, #tweenblogs,#girls,#vintage

How is your day going girls? I'm sure your look forward to the weekends! Here is a pink typewriter. Some people call it vintage or old. Before we had the keyboard, people typed letters, books, reports, notes, and such... Do you think it is cool? Happy Saturday and oh yeah, Have Fun! No troubles! It is a beautiful world~ Hugs, Marie

Saturday, February 16, 2013

fashion shoes ~ #converse,#girlsshoes,#tweenfashion,#pinkshoes,

Spring will be here before we know it girls! How do you like these pink converse shoes? The sizes run remember that if you get them. You can coordinate them with so many different outfits.Wear them as a pop of color or match them with your favorite top,watch,earrings,shades,or purse! Have a super Saturday! smile,breathe and believe, Marie Brewer

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jamie ~ #tweens,#tweengirls,#friends,#tweenblogs,#adolescence

The cool girl ~ Jamie She tried making friends all day, Some would go And some would stay Walking with a long stride, Her eyes were gleaming And her smile was wide Her books in one hand; the cell in the other, told she was a princess, especially by her mother Jamie got their numbers while on the floor, In the gym, at lunch, After school and more didn’t want to be in the circle of just 3 friends, she had a lot to share with others so following others had to end. ~Marie Brewer, (share your words with a new friend today)