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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Marisol's new day ~ #tweenblogging,#tweengirls,#hispanic,#tweengirls,#selfimage,#peerpressure

Marisol was in 6th grade.She loved when Saturday and Sunday came around.School was not a happy place for Marisol and she did not tell her parents why school was so awful for her. Marisol was born in Mexico and her family moved to San Diego when she was in kindergarten.Her kindergarten teacher was so nice and learning was so much fun with Mrs.Cook.The teacher taught her how to read,count,paint pictures,and sing songs.Marisol smiled and gave her teacher a hug every day as she left the classroom to go home. Things had changed now.Marisol had begun to grow very fast in third and fourth grade.She was taller than all of the girls and most of the boys as she entered 6th grade.She was 5 feet,2 inches tall and wore a size 7 shoe. Marisol was different and wanted to fit in with the other girls.Her mother told her that she must not worry about how tall she was.She told Marisol that she had to learn to like her body.No matter how she tried to believe her mother,she knew what was waiting for her at school. Some of the boys and girls had begun to point and whisper about her in class and in the hallway.Marisol could hear them call her "bigfoot" as she walked into the classroom.She would often ignore them.At home, she would go to her room and cry. One day,Marisol and one of her friends were coming out of the school cafeteria when Coach Stevens stopped her.Coach Stevens was the basketball coach of the 7th/8th grade girl's team.She needed a tall girl to rebound the basketall during the games. She asked Marison if she wanted to try out for the team. Marisol was surprised and excited and told her that she would ask her parents if it was okay. She had not played basketball before! Yeah! This was something new and she wanted to go for it! That night,Marisol asked her parents if she could try out for the team.Her parents told her she could if she wanted to.They also told her to keep making good try grades.Marisol was happy and talked to the coach the next day that she wanted to try out for the team. Marisol made the team and practiced after school for the next three weeks.She played in her first game and her parents rushed home after work to go to the games.They were so proud of her! Playing basketball with the other girls made her feel so good and she liked being a part of a group.The team got along real good and she went to parties and sleepovers with some of the team members. Today,Marisol still hears the kids call her "bigfoot" and other ugly names.But now it did not bother her.She had new thoughts about her height.Her new thoughts about herself were so cool.They made her understand something.She understood that she was tall and "so what?".Marisol saw herself in a new way, the way she felt in kindergarten with Mrs.Cook. Marisol knew that she was a STAR and had skills.The ugly words were just that... just words,not fact! Keep smiling, Marie

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holy tomato! Speak up! #communication,#tweenblogs,#tweengirls,

Khali squinted her eyes from the glare of the bright sun as she walked into her home after school on Monday.She had to tell her mom that her purse was stolen out of the girl's dressing room in the gym. *(what happened) After gym class, Khali and her friend Vanessa were going to a meeting at 5th period.It was a meeting with Mrs.Morris(the school secretary)to talk about decorating the front office for the holidays.Khali and Vanessa's Math teacher said that the girls could help Mrs.Morris if they finished their Math test early.Five were chosen in all,4 girls and 1 boy. After gym class was over, it was time to go to the office and help put up decorations.Vanessa told Khali that she was going to leave her backpack and purse on a bench in the girl's dressing room in the gym.Vanessa said that her stuff would be fine there.It was the last gym class for the day and the coach had left.Khali thought that someone may come in and steal their belongings. Khali didn't want to be different from Vanessa and the other girls.Khali just went with the crowd and left her purse and sweater on the aluminum bench in the corner. The girls and the one boy finshed hanging the garland and ornaments on the desks and walls in the front office.Khali and Vanessa laughed because the scotch tape kept sticking to their fingers. The bell rang.It was time for the girls to pick up their things and walk home.They opened the door to the dressing room. Khali,Vanessa and the other 2 girls stood still for a second.They could not believe their eyes!They saw their opened backpacks thrown on the floor.Books,pens,and notebook paper was scattered everywhere! The girls shouted,"Oh No !!!!,Holy Tomato!!! What happened???!!!! Their purses were gone! Their free passes to the football game on Friday were in their purses.Khali's purse was gone and she had $5 in cash in her wallet. The girls picked up their books and what was left of their supplies and rushed to report the theft to the assistant principal. "Why would someone do this?", they kept asking themselves. Khali walked up the step to go to her house.She did not have her house key because it was in her purse!!! Luckily,she knew that her mom put a spare house key by the plant. "What a bum day!",she thought. She was irritated with herself because she KNEW that she shouldn't have left her purse in that dressing room! "I'm going to follow my OWN mind next time.Then won't have to go through all of this trouble!!" Whereever there are people, there are those who steal. Khali learned this lesson the hard way... sweet communicating, Marie

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

express yourself ~ #tweens,#tweengirls,#tweenblogs

express yourself! listen to others! thank a teacher! encourage someone on your team! give yourself a pat on the back! Power to the girl! Sweet energy, Marie

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

fashion trends ~ #tweens,#tweenfashion,#fallfashion,#girlsclothes

Wear the fashion that best fits you and your body. Every girl has likes and dislikes in clothes. If it looks good on someone else, it may not be flattering to your body. Choose your fashion taste that pleases you and then, rock it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jessica and the red paint ~ #tweens,#friendship,#tweenblogs

Jessica and Ariel ran up the steps to the school choir room before the class started.They had "free time" in choir today because the choir teacher was out of town.Jessica and Ariel brought paints from Art class and were going to make abstract drawings in class. Jessica almost tripped on the step to the choir room and sat down to tie her shoe strings.Ariel went inside and began to take her brush and paint out of her backpack. Jessica looked over and saw a girl by the rail.She had an old worn purse that sat on top of her school books.Jessica said "hi" and asked her what her name was.She said,"Lilly".Lilly said she was waiting on her cousin. Jessica saw Beverly Simon coming up the steps of the choir room.Beverly was mean to certain girls and made fun of them all of the time.Jessica heard Beverly tell another girl,"Ewweeee!Look at that old ugly purse!That looks like a grandma purse!!"Beverly and the other girl started laughing as they entered the choir room. Jessica saw that Lilly heard what Beverly had said.Jessica told Lilly not to pay her any attention...She told her that Beverly always put others down to make herself feel good. Lilly did not say anything,but Jessica could see that her feelings were hurt. Jessica said goodbye to Lilly and went inside to sit by Ariel.She told Ariel what had happened. Jessica thought about Beverly's behavior and was boiling inside,but knew she had to keep calm. Choir class was almost over.Jessica and Ariel sat the red paint on one of the chairs because there was no room on the table.The girls were admiring their works of art when they heard someone running behind them.It was Beverly.As she was running by,she tripped on the leg of the chair with the red paint.Beverly fell on the floor! The chair and the tub of red paint spilled onto her hand,arm, and her white jeans! "Ouch!!" said Beverly.Jessica and Ariel helped her to her feet. Everyone in the class laughed.Beverly was crushed with embarrassment.She had to walk through the hallway as the kids stared,pointed,and laughed at her. Jessica only hoped that from now on Beverly would try to be kinder to others. Sweet words, Marie

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Marissa's bubble gum ~ #tweens,#peerpressure

Marissa and Devon looked at different flavors of bubble gum as they walked up to the counter of the local convenience store in their neighborhood.Marissa was allowed to stop by the store one day a week to spend part of her weekly allowance.Devon did not receive an allowance,so Marissa shared her bubble gum with her.They loved blowing bubbles and tried to see who could blow the most enormous bubble.
They saw cherry,watermelon,kiwi fruit,orange,tuti fruiti,coconut,grape,peppermint,ice cream,lime,pineapple,chocolate,and lemon bubble gum.It looks like the store had a new flavor of bubble gum.It was pink lemonade and sugar free.So Marissa bought one package for herself and one for Devon.Marissa's mom told her to eat dinner before she chewed the gum.Devon walked home.A few minutes later Devon called Marissa and told her to bring the gum to school tomorrow.Marissa knew the classroom rules....No chewing gum in class!Afterall,Marissa had an "excellent" in school conduct and following the school rules. She thought about it and agreed to bring the sugar free gum.She had no intention of chewing it in class.Marissa put the gum in her bag that night so that she would not forget to bring it. The next day Marissa sat by Devon in Science class.They had just finished an experiment when Devon pulled Marissa over to the side.Devon put her hand in her jean pocket and pulled out the pink lemonade gum.She told Marissa that the teacher would not care if they chewed the gum.Marissa said,"no!" Devon looked around to see if the teacher was watching.Then she slipped the square of gum into her mouth.She was careful that no one noticed.Marissa told her that she was going to get caught. Class was almost over.Devon still had the bubble gum in her mouth and kept telling Marissa to chew her gum. Marissa gave in and took it out of her bag.She slowly lifted the gum to her mouth.Then it happened!The teacher looked up at that exact second to ask Marissa for her worksheet.The teacher asked,"What is that in your mouth,Marissa?" Marissa had to confess."It's gum." Her teacher was disappointed and told Marissa that she took 10 points off of her conduct for the 9 weeks. Gosh! Marissa was angry with herself.She knew the rules and still listened to her friend......Now she had a spot on her perfect conduct grade. Blah! "never again, I will used my brain and think before I act!", she promised herself. Pick sweet friends, Marie

Friday, October 5, 2012

What's wrong with Emily? #tweens,#tweengirls,

Cara is in seventh grade and lives in a small town in the country.She was quiet and only had a couple of friends at her school.She sat in the back of the room in Language Arts class and talked to Nicole during class.Cara could read well and finished all of her assignments.Emily was a girl who lived in the same town and is a year older than Cara. The school cafeteria was small and the seven and eighth graders ate at the same lunchtime.Cara and Nicole would sit together in the lunchroom every day and talk it up.Cara would take out her small mirror and comb her hair after she ate.While looking into the mirror,she saw Emily sitting on the row of tables behind her.Emily was staring at Cara with a mean look on her face and her teeth tightened."WOW!",Cara thought.Cara wondered what was going on.She barely knew Emily.Cara stood up to take her tray to the school kitchen and glanced over at Emily.Their eyes connected and Emily rolled her eyes at Cara.Cara did not know what her problem was and it made her uncomfortable. The school year went by quickly and Cara just ignored Emily.Cara knew that Emily had no reason to act ugly towards her. Field day was coming up and Cara was happy about the day of activities.There was going to be food,games,and activities.Field day came and Cara and Nicole went outside.They did the sack race,parachute game,and appple bobbing game.Cara wanted a snack and went over to get some fruit.She got some oranges and bananas and then turned the corner to go back.She took two steps and ran smack into Emily.They gazed at each other for the longest moment.Finally,Cara took a breath and said,"Do you want some fruit?" Emily gave Cara a smile and said,"Yeah,thanks."Cara gave her an orange slice and skipped back to the activities. Cara told Nicole what had happened and they both laughed.Cara laughed so hard that her last piece of banana fell onto the grass. Emily always said hello with a smile after the incident. Cara thought: OMG!It is great to be kind to others.If they are angry and grumpy,it is their issue.I will always keep my happy,no one else will steal it! sweet thoughts,Marie

Monday, October 1, 2012

body moves ~ #exercise,#fitness

Can you believe it is October all ready? The tree leaves are beginning to fall to the earth.Maybe that's why they call it Fall. Health experts think that exercise is good for the body.It may also help with the brain as far as thinking power. You may like Physical Education class,riding your bike,walking the dog,swimming,jogging,jumping jacks,dancing,or soccer.Whatever exercise you choose,you will feel pumped after the activity.Drink water as needed to keep the fluids flowing. If you have friends who may not be very active,ask them to join you in the fitness acitvity! Keep the body moving! Stay sweet, Marie adolescence,fitness,exercise,physical education,growing up,middle school,motivation, kids fitness,childhood obesity,tween girls,tweens,self esteem,self confidence,self image,

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stomp out fear ~ #selfconfidence,#tweengirls,#selfesteem,#tweenblogs,#adolescence

Shelly was born in a small town in the country. She grew up with loving and caring parents.They protected and provided her.They taught her how to tell the truth.As in all families there were disagreements.Sometimes there were words that were said that made her sad. Shelly looked at her father as her teacher and hero.Her father taught her how to be strong and how to pick herself up after trouble. He was a good person,but some of his words hurt.The most hurtful words that he spoke were,"You can't do that! You don't know how to do this!" Those few words hurt her on the inside.She thought the words were true and hid her voice and talents.Afterall,this was her dad speaking to her. Years past.Shelly is a teenager now and kept her courage.She could not let those words destroy her happy heart.She loved her father and knew he did not mean any harm.The words came from him and she chose not to believe them.She decided to try.Even if she failed,she could say that she tried.Shelly tried out for cheerleading,the drill team,band,basketball,and joined various clubs in high school.She saw that she could do things! Today,Shelly knows that the strength that her father helped her to stop doubting herself!She learned that she will only listen to positive words and stomp out her fears! Keep sweet, Marie

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday world ~

Saturdays are the best days,aren't they? You don't have to get up early and get dressed for school.It may be a good morning to find a good breakfast recipe and take time to enjoy it! If it is raining outside and kind of dreary - games,reading,listening to music, or talking to friends may be on your agenda. Whatever you plan,keep the talk sweet! Learn something new! keep pushing, Marie saturday,motivation,inspiration,self confidence,self esteem,tweens,tween girls,adolescence,middle school,

Friday, September 28, 2012

keep up the motivation ~ #tweengirls,#selfconfidence,#tweens

"Keep motivated girls! If you are not looking forward to that Math class,make sure you let the teacher or other classmates know.If they do not know you are struggling with a subject,how can they help? Every last one of us has issues, ya know! It's nothing to feel embarrassed about!You owe it to your self to get that knowledge. Besides,we all have different talents.We all have strengths and weaknesses...gosh!Our differences are what makes the world go round. :0), Marie ~ tween girls,middle school,girls,advice for girls,motivation for girls,self esteem,self confidence,tweens,tween blogs,inspiration,self image